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About The Ole Store

A Northfield business since 1889, the Ole Store is a Nordic-inspired restaurant with a rich history and a vibrant present. Fueled by the support of the Northfield community, our restaurant aspires to continue to be a place where people gather with their loved ones to share a meal or celebrate important life events.


The Secret Ingredient: Our Team

We believe that a business can be managed with integrity, rooted in community, and fueled by love.
These are fundamental aspirations that we hope to live by on a day-to-day basis. 

We know that this restaurant is only successful when every member of our team is invested in the experience we provide and when the Northfield community sees what we do and wants to support us.


Want to be part of our team?   



Owner & General Manager

Growing up in Northfield, I know just what makes our town so great. I am thrilled to be the next caretaker of this special place! The neighborhood setting of the Ole Store is one of my favorite aspects of our restaurant, a close second to the amazing people who join us and the incredible team that works here. My goals are simple: to serve high-quality, freshly-prepared food and to create an inviting space where everyone feels warmly welcomed. I am deeply invested in this community and feel honored to show up for it in this new way.

I look forward to seeing you in the restaurant or out on the Lawn. Please feel free to say hello and introduce yourself! Beyond food, I love talking about dogs, gardening and outdoor adventures. I’m grateful for each of you for your continued support and the enthusiasm you’ve already shared.



Kitchen Manager

Joe joined our team in August 2020. He has been a calm, steady, problem solving force in the kitchen since day one. Joe has held a few titles over the past two years and accepted the position of Kitchen Manager in July 2021.


He has led the kitchen through successful menu changes, the return of lunch this year, and is in charge of our weekly special program. Outside of work you'll find Joe playing music in his ska band Lost Island Society, on a lake fishing, and he is excited to be welcoming a baby this winter!




Meghan joined our team as a server in 2018. Since then she has been lighting up our dining room with her infectious smile and makes everyone who walks through our doors feel like part of the community.


Meghan lives in Northfield with her family, is a fantastic cook, has an incredible house plant collection, and is often found chasing her kiddos around neighborhood parks. We are so lucky to have Meghan on our team.




Mel has been a front of house server at the Ole Store for over 2 years. She wins the best hair & best earring award whenever she's working. Her fun spirit is contagious and is always laughing with tables in the dining room.

In addition to her restaurant work she is passionate about animals and farming. Fun fact, Mel has a dog, a cat, a horse, AND freshwater shrimp! Our restaurant is a brighter place with Mel here.



Line Cook

Anastasia has been part of our team for just over two years. She is a line cook and the talent behind our famous Ole Roll’s 💙.


Anastasia lives in Northfield with her husband and two kids, dog, and backyard chickens! We love her spirit and kindness and couldn’t do what we do without her.




Kate started as a high school student bussing tables in 2018, and is now a beloved server in the restaurant. She radiates kindness and her tables feel so cared for when she is with them. We often receive reviews like this one singing her praises "We love it when Kate the Great is our server!" 

Kate will be graduating from St. Olaf College this Spring and pursuing a career in human resources. We have been lucky to have Kate working at the Ole Store for so long and will be cheering her along as she chases all of the exciting opportunities ahead. 



Line & Prep Cook

Dani is a line cook, prep cook, and all around team player in our kitchen. She joined the Ole Store with a passion for food and restaurants and has been a huge asset since day one.


Dani is eager to learn, calm during busy dinner service, and is never scared to tackle a big cleaning project. She cares about her work and the people around her and it shows every day she's in the restaurant



Prep Cook


Our team is big so we'll add members on a monthly basis. Great excuse to keep an eye on this page. Who will be the next month's Secret Ingredient? 

Find out first by signing up to our weekly newsletter!

Edgar is one of those magical people who keeps this place running behind the scenes. He has been a prep cook on our team for over 3 years and now leads all lunch and dinner prep. To put it simply, our kitchen runs smoothly each week because we have Edgar keeping our coolers stocked with food.

When he's not at work he is home with family and loves participating in Northfield community events. Thank you, Edgar, for being such an amazing part of our team!

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