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The Ole Store History Project

For more than a hundred years, The Ole Store has been a part of this community. It wasn't always a restaurant, but it's always been a food centered business. Its ownership has changed many times so most of what we know about the history of this place comes from you, our friends and neighbors.

As I approach my third anniversary of owning the Ole Store, I’d like to honor the history of this place by embarking on a search adventure powered by the Northfield community. Help us discover the stories behind our business, our neighborhood, and our building.


You can use the form below to share your stories, your photos, or anything else you might have that could help us piece together the moments that have built our more than hundred years of history. It is our hope to document our adventure and share our progress along the way. We can't wait to see what this project will bring.



Thanks for submitting!

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